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Leveling to end game

Any other players have the issue of always wanting to restart and make a new character?I'm not sure why but constantly over the 6 and a half years I've played Celtic heroes I always want to restart and make a new character/class. Maybe it's just my dedication issues but I'm not sure how to get by it, since I really want to get to 220+ but I always end up making another character. My highest I've ever leveled to was like 182 or something around that.

Re: Leveling to end game


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I think that’s part of the reason some make alts. Depending on your class you can get very different in game experiences. And I find that playing different classes helps me get a better overall understanding of the game.

Plus, after a certain level it just feels like a grind. You mentioned only getting to like lvl 182. Lack of mid game content and quests that doesn’t involve the grind of leveling or camping can make it hard to maintain interest. I have 5 220 plus toons and I never really “felt” like leveling any past 130 lol. Just did it for endgame content.
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