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how many elixrs do you have

Just curious how many of each elixir do people hold and if they hoard them incase people stop buying platinum. how many elixirs does an average end game player have?
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Re: how many elixrs do you have

I have around 500, got them before prices went up on our server lol but seems its going back down. Just wanted to have enough to finish my rogue and mage to 215, then get them all to 220 after that's done. After that I'll probably need more for the next toon
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i did it on my own
fingal is the best server, without a doubt
215 ranger
205 warrior
202 rogue
183 mage
153 druid

Re: how many elixrs do you have

If you were to choose out of attack, haste, defense, armor, health regen, energy Regen I don't think I'm forgetting any which would be top priority to make sure to get the most out of? The ones I'm excluding are XP, combos, traveling, wisdom. I hope I didn't miss any other elixirs I'm just trying to figure out the priority list from top to bottom or at the very least the top ones to make sure I get a bunch of first.

Re: how many elixrs do you have

Currently I’m sitting on atleast 1.5k of each lix (including haste) except for combos. The most of one kind of lix I have atm are hp regen ones which I have around 2.5k which would also be close to my total xps but due to using them plus giving away 1k of them I’m down to 1.5k ish xps. In terms of Restos and idols I’m at 34k ish restos and 40k ish idols but overtime have given away atleast 15k of each. For deeper insight this is from the span of a few years with multiple double plats and atleast $3.5k aud spent

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