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Glitched ring

I recently bought a ring by the name swamp ring, in its description it clearly says "Allowing you to freeze your enemies", my friend tested this out in pvp and against mobs and it does purely nothing. its just a lvl 1 ice shards. Is this a glitch, can it be fixed?

I spend a lot on this ring hoping its descriptions were true, any help would be amazing
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Re: @Devs- Glitched ring

It's just a bit of a confusing description. For experienced players it makes one imagine that this ring provides a freezing skill similar to mages or the shalebone skimmer. However, it's just a descriptor for the type of damage. The skill itself "bound ice shards" is also a dead giveaway to moderately experienced players that it's simply the ice shards skill and nothing special.

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Re: Glitched ring

Romeo wrote:Not that much of a waste, it's pretty cool that u can have a mage skill as a warrior. 30 damage tho, is that the damage of the ice shard or does it act like a ele damage ring too?

That is the direct damage that the ring adds to the user. The skill is separate and scales to the user's ice magic ability and focus. However, it would not be a lot of damage either way. Depending on what was spent, I'd say this ring could be at the very most 500k. It's essentially like a luxury holiday ring. But I wouldn't put up more than 250k personally because it's very limited.

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Re: Glitched ring

Its a misleading description, but the skill was always another ice shards in beta as well. I believe theres lightning strike and firebolt ones as well.
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