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Re: Account Glitched after going to castle, Keeps saying I'm logged in

I am experiencing this same issue and it is making it quite inconvenient for me to attend raids and boss kills because I haven’t been able to log in for a few hours as the message, “This account is already logged in” keeps popping up after every log in attempt. It is also saying that my character is online in the Tavern right now, but is no where to be seen on the Tavern’s Area list oop-
Character name: Glamour
Server: Gwydion

Please fix this and thank you!
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Re: Account Glitched after going to castle, Keeps saying I'm logged in

Bane2 wrote:It kicked me out and now when I try to log back in it says I'm already logged in. This happened after several attempt of it taking me to server select page. I tried to log into a different server and then that's when notice started to appear. Is this a bug?

Experienced same on my Mabon toon. Restarted iPad and could log again. The probles has returned a few times though.
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Re: Account Glitched after going to castle, Keeps saying I'm logged in

My Druid On morrigan is also having this same issue for some odd reason kicked me outta global arena then kept saying I was logged in , while none of my devices were running ch when I attempted to log so I log my rogue to see what’s happening and boom Druid not even in area it’s just glitched logged in refusing to let me get connected , but 220 Druid protein thank you . It’s been 1 day
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Account loggin issue

Hi, i have an issue with my account i cant login in it says its already logged in , so i was going from castle to global arena and my game got stucked on the loading screen so i turned of the app and when i tried to relog my character i couldn't log in it always says my characters logged in and it isn't actually logged in at all. I checked with my other toon says that its in arena but its not in arena at all please can you fix this issue thank you. Its been there for now 14 hours nearly or more. Character name :
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