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Re: Global Castle feedback

Honestly, I haven’t taken the time to read the 12 pages of feedback but I’ll post my thoughts on it.


1) Keeping relationships to other servers

When I was in Castle, it was reaching around 200 toons all in one area. Players are able to easily meet up with people from other servers (not many went to global arena) and this centralized zone allows for easy connections to different players. People can easily meet other people and form groups to chat.

2) Kept trading limited to only individual server

I’m extremely glad developers took notice on the importanance of limiting items to each individual server. Players should not be able to take as much gear as they can from one individual server and haul it away to another server, resulting in a heavy imbalance of items and drops. I see the limitation as protection for players as the result of allowing trading will result in complete disparity between servers and ultimately might drive players away...

3) Allows for actual dueling

Something the global arena lacked was the implementation of a formal 1v1 duel. People had to manually count for players when they wanted to duel fairly and players could easily still interrupted their duel. Castle with the actual dueling definitely fixes the problem.


1) Crashes often

I’ve heard complaints from several people, including me, that they can’t even go in Global Castle because it keeps crashing. The area wasn’t designed to have so many people and my older IPad mini(running on lowest graphics) completely crashes anytime I tried to enter the area or log in it. As something as important as the castle, it definitely hurts players with older devices.

2) Severe Lag

Pre-global Castle my IPhone 7 was able to instantly enter the Castle with no lag going in. With global Castle, it takes more time of loading just to enter thecastle. Especially since the Castle has several essential places, the long wait time proves disappointing.

3) Shared Gladiator, Chaotic chats

With 200 players in one area, you’ll have people shouting everywhere trying to sell something and chatting and results in just a really chaotic experience. And not in a fun way. Everything is just a jumbled mess of people and lag and definitely takes away what Castle was about. And with one gladiator for 200 people, I don’t think there’s any explanation needed .

Conclusion: While I think the global Castle in retrospect might’ve seemed like an awesome idea for people to meet up with a lot of other people, the forced gathering of everyone from all servers just proves to be too chaotic and ruins what castle stood for. A place to access important places like banks, auction house, etc and trade/chat with people from your own server.

Solution: With a quick glance at other people’s feedback on this, the creation of Tavern as a global area seems to come up often.

While Tavern might seem good because it gives a choice for players to meet up with other global players without stuffing everyone into castle, I feel not enough people use Tavern often to become a central place to chat and meet other players, resulting in potentially empty Taverns that I feel goes against what developers intended.

My solution would be make a completely new global area that gives players something to do for prizes to give incentives for players to go in there, not forcing people to clobber up like creating a global Castle.

Put some type of mini games in there that gives players a chance to compete with players from another server with rewards. With something to do and a chance for rewards, I’m fairly certain that people from all servers would enjoy that more. For exactly what type of mini game there’s a ton of ideas that can be suggested.

This would be much more preferable over the current idea. Forcing people to meet people from other servers by changing something as essential as the castle into a global Castle should not be the way.

Re: Global Castle feedback

So global castle was introduced. It quickly made it impossible to log in due to lag. If you want players to stay please remove asap.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

Rikitt wrote:I would like to disagree (-1) to a global tavern idea. It would only be slightly better than the castle. I say this because many are in the tavern cooking. A lot of chefs in one spot will massively lag those doing their best for their clans or just to help themselves. And spam in the chat won't help them either. I'd recommend a simple blank design area, just an open room somewhere accessible in the castle that players can enter and it be a casual meet-&-greet server-wide area.

It’s called the arena, they could of expanded it to include a 1on1 dueling area. To many issues using the castle as a global area.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

I said this during beta, and I will say it again.

Global Castle is a terrible idea. The lag is awful. I knew it would be. VR has ruined the castle. Move auction, bank, bounties, and really everything out of castle if you're going to keep it global. 2 minutes to load a bounty quest? Get TF outta here with that bull. 2-4 minutes to load auction house sorting by price? Dumb. Even longer for bank? Yeahhhh take it back. You can have the global castle back VR. I understand you say you will "fix it" but we have bugs that are YEARS old and still haven't been fixed. I don't see it being "fixed" anytime soon. Having 200+ people in one small area was a recipe for disaster. PLEASE move all the important stuff somewhere else if you're going to destroy the castle like that, or take global castle back. Got it, y'all worked hard on it. Cool. It's not working out. Either make it where arena has 1v1 like people have been asking for, or make tavern global. It won't be insanely crowded. You legit pick the worst possible map to make global lmao. Gj!
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Re: Global Castle feedback

Global castle the sequel is just as bad as the original. I won't repeat the problems. You all know them. I won't even ask again why VR insists on trying to force this seizure-inducing annoyance upon us. Please just move/duplicate the auction, bank, glads, mount and pet vendors, and bounty board somewhere else so we never have yo go in there again.

Re: Global Castle feedback

Miakoda wrote:Global castle the sequel is just as bad as the original. I won't repeat the problems. You all know them. I won't even ask again why VR insists on trying to force this seizure-inducing annoyance upon us. Please just move/duplicate the auction, bank, glads, mount and pet vendors, and bounty board somewhere else so we never have yo go in there again.

+1 :lol:
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Re: Global Castle feedback

MMORPG = massively multiplayer online role playing game

This genre is meant to be massively multiplayer orientated.
I think a global central area is a must. Arena was awesome, but it’s not a central hub and frankly no one goes there to just chill and “castle camp.” No real socialization occurs there.
The same would happen in the tavern.

The goal of the global area how I see it anyways should be to bring people from all servers together in a common area for dueling, chats, socializing in general, and to give our small and sometimes quiet castles a larger true MMO feel.
Outside of beta, the forums, and arena we don’t really have an opportunity to “play with” those on other servers.
Thus I think the castle should be the designated global central hub.

I think this was rushed into. There are some large UI changes that I feel are still needed.
1) separate chat filter for global area for server only chat. Have this for arena too for server wide strategizing ;) will also clean up all of the buy sell spam in global area - should function as a shout, full whole area
2) 2 area tabs, one for your server, and then a global tab to make accessing your server members easier
3) optimization for auction house, bounties, and other quests to eliminate lag and make what keeps the castle the central hub functioning as intended.
4) make glads instant spawn or move to another area.
5) *hide toon* option. Only be visible in server member list, toon and name not visible in global list or area.

I feel with these UI changes the full benefits of a global central hub can be realized and the negatives brought up in this thread either reduced to point of being outweighed by the benefits or altogether removed.
However, until these changes can be made I feel the global castle should be disabled. It’s too hectic and not functional right now without these UI features in my opinion.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

Oh wow, to much to say, but so little time atm.

Global Castle is just an example of us not having the right Devs in charge atm. The intentions are good, but were there really, at all a discussion on this matter than just a 5 min morning meeting? Do they even know the game they are running?

Castle is where many go to socialize. Ok, I get that, but as long as the option to actually trade with everyone in the area isn’t there, this is a big mess from beginning to end. Castle allways was the place to buy and sell stuff, the 1vs1 was more of a bonus.

I also suspect a lot of devices just went from perfectly OK (running the game great) to outdated in less than a day.

Good job :)

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