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Re: Pre-Release Discussion

Alishia wrote:I'd love to hear what the benefit is to a global castle...I won't list the negatives as most of us know them already. This is a serious question as I feel I am missing the idea here.

Some servers have completely dead castles, and it doesn't look good for new players. They see a dead castle and they just assume the server sucks and go somewhere else or perhaps quit the game all together because they never see any other players. Lag will not be an issue unless if you're running an older device (anything before the iPhone 8 for IOS I assume). The main purpose however is to connect the player base which improves the social aspect of this game. Not everyone is active on the forums and not everyone wants to walk inside the now toxic arena lol.
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Re: Pre-Release Discussion

Alishia wrote:Was the global castle mentioned or tested in beta?

Even if it was tested, beta is way to small to account for the amount of people that would be there at one time in live game. Dont think global arena was that smooth when it was released live but it got better eventually


Re: Pre-Release Discussion

Global Castle is a complete mess. I hate to sound negative but without cross server trading the experience is completely pointless. Please get these "other" people out of my castle. They take up space and keep spamming stuff they are buying/selling and it makes the experience worthless since I can't buy or sell them anything. Totally disappointed with this.

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