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Re: Pre-Release Discussion

Dynamit3 wrote:You won’t be able to trade with other servers to my knowledge, trading will still work with your server people only, and your auction house stays linked to your server too, but you can duel and talk, will be overcrowded, open to even more spammers, and laggy for plenty

So everything you could do in arena?? How has this not be talked about at all? How are we suppose to build any kind of community on our servers when there are 100+ toons from all different servers there?
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Re: Pre-Release Discussion

I'm hoping there's atleast a working block button

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Re: Pre-Release Discussion

Well I'm curious if there was a re-design of the castle to support this feature. Bounty board and other objects/NPC's are probably moved and the global section may be in the Single-PVP area below. This is one way I could see this feature working.

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Re: Pre-Release Discussion

This seems a bit silly to me, but I guess we'll see.

At least it give castle campers more people to talk to! :lol:
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Re: Pre-Release Discussion

I'd love to hear what the benefit is to a global castle...I won't list the negatives as most of us know them already. This is a serious question as I feel I am missing the idea here.
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    Re: Pre-Release Discussion

    Coming from an expensive server, I would love a global ah. Not keen on the idea of everyone sharing 1 glad or 1 bounty board or bank etc though. The crowd might make castle campers so frustrated they go elsewhere though. Lol

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