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Synced Timer+ for Android Coming soon!

Hi everyone I've been super busy at college and as the school year winds down I've had more time to code the android version of the synced timer+ app for tracking boss spawns with your clan. Sorry for not giving an update sooner!
So stay tuned I hope to have a working version out by at least the end of May!

And just as a reminder in case you have no idea what I'm talking about here's a link to the IOS version and a description of the features:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/synced- ... 14897?mt=8

Sync Timers across all your devices or with a group of friends, or just create regular timers for your own needs!

Synced Timer+ allows you to create and customize timers like any other timer app. Where Synced Timer+ is different is its ability to create groups who can all view, create, edit, and delete timers! Never miss out on anything with the ability to keep all of your timers synced up with all of your friends!

Main features:
-Create Custom Timers
-Edit Custom Timers
-Create an online group
-Add members to your online group
-Remove members from your group
-Create admin users for your group
-Search all the groups and request to join a group
-Notifications when timers have completed
-And much more!

If you have any question feels free to comment or PM me, have a good one!
Salinor- lvl 220

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