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Re: Garden Mobs Question

Hey, congrats on getting to 180. I remember levelling to 180 being a huge pain. And then the bounties are gonna be a bit hard until level 200 simply because the mobs will easily out-level you.

Anyway, both Lich and Reaver factions are good. Lich mobs are mostly caster types and Reaver mobs are melee type. So I'd suggest you to choose a faction based on this. Since BT drops are best-in-slot for rings, necklace and misc, you'll probably soon stop using faction shop lux. And shop items aren't cheap, on top of that all are no-trade (can't be sold to merchants either) so if you decide to buy faction lux, it should be from the T4 shop. I have levelled up the ranks among the Liches and Ranger ring in T4 shop adds 150 foc, dex and all evasions and costs 600k or 400k, not sure. The bracer adds 100 cold damage, 600 ranged combat maybe and 1200 energy (don't remember the price of bracers). Not quite sure about the Lich Ranger ammy, but a Runic ammy works pretty well far into endgame. I'll let others add details on Reaver shop since I've no idea about it. (I haven't played a ranger, but I've seen this being mentioned many times before that direct damage bonus is greater than stat points at end game. Still I hope a high level ranger would guide you on this.)

You might also want to consider which faction boss is mostly dealt with, by your clan or the server. Lich boss is high on tactics, and is fairly easier than the Reaver boss. Reaver boss needs high end dps to break its shield otherwise everyone gets wiped.

Keep in mind that the only role factions play in endgame would be the weekly bosses for your T8 offhand as BT and Gele items would cover the rest of your slots, not to mention Necro as well. So talk it out with your clannies so you all can work together to level up through the faction tiers and finally take down your respective enemy faction's boss.

Re: Garden Mobs Question

two things to consider:

1) do you need to buy lix upgrades. At T4 faction the upgrades for ranger are better in the reaver encampment. The Lich give items that have focus and energy whereas the reaver lux gives health and vitality.

2) why do you want to get to T4. If it’s just to rush to be done with the zone then kill reaver (join lich) reaver are a lot easier to kill for a melee dps. Lich mobs have damage shields they will throw up making it hard as a ranger.

If you’re in a clan that does end game it would be wise to consult the clan as to which boss they kill more frequently. The boss kills will be important when you get to 220 and want to upgrade your offhand
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Re: Garden Mobs Question

Blossoms get you to 181 with full Xp, but it’s better than lixing until 184. After that the XP gain is too nerfed to make it worth the time.
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Re: Garden Mobs Question

Dont use any gold on a faction ammy. A shinestone ammy or a stargem or wyld etc will carry you through leveling and runic valour ammy is the best ammy possible to use, not including bloodthorn ammys.
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