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Re: Most active and fun server to start in?

Im from Mabon myself, we have some great players over on the server, 1 dominant clan which can kill everything the day it spawns along with being the first world to kill BT on spawn if im not mistaken. There is also some nice comp on the server, 2 of the weaker clans joining forces to try and overthrow thw clan im currently in, but the best they can kill currently would be gele at a push.
The prices are a bit iffy at times but thats the same for most worlds when plat runs dry, sks going at 3k each, pots 200-250 each, hastes 6k, combos 10-12k.
Friendly world with a lot of comp along with having good dkp systems in place like other worlds, with regards to dl and edl its geared through sets, with dg its geared one piece at a time depending on activity and lifetime dkp
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Re: Most active and fun server to start in?

TARANIS is quite active

Work under TU (Taranis United)
Can all vote on changes to server rules done using polls
No dominant clan
Free market
All clans work to down raids together
All clans roll dice on drops per class
many new players and sometimes large numbers in each zone.
AH reaches 40+ pages.

Anyone question message me here or on line ID: Dillanx
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