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Re: New skills + buffs

Difinitus wrote:
ImMinecraftMike wrote:
ImMinecraftMike wrote:

Thank you, I’m sure this cannot be the easiest thing to do but yes whether it be a new skill for each class or a balance update I think it would make 99% of the gamers very happy.

Don’t forget how much game time people will using farming these new skills as well it’s a win win for all of us :)

I'm all for a balance update next instead of just additional content. I'll the idea down for our next planning meeting :)

Legit make that next update all of that + server fixes. I would be way happier if u guys did a ton of bug fixes and just hammering out the kinks of this game and rebalancing skills or classes, all that fun reworking stuff. Id rather than for 6 months, tbh even up to a year i wouldnt care, rather than any other content be pushes out.
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Re: New skills + buffs

Froze wrote:I would love to see the lowest used skills be completely revamped to compete with the most used skills. It adds a ton of diversity to the gameplay and gives more freedom when choosing skills, rather than a certain set of skills being the best overall.

Mm this would be fun, bring all the hundreds of banked items back into the game and let people flex their class builds a bit more. Bored of gele rings at this point :roll:
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