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Jelly-bean's true story

So I was bored earlier (happens often xD) and for no reason I decided to go to castle and start telling a story to my friends.
I made the story on the spot, and it turned out pretty well (at least for an improvised story) so I typed it down to share it.

Have fun reading :)


Back when he was a young magic being, Gelebron had nothing. He was alone in an empty place, with only a tiny plant to use as a distraction.
This plant was so tiny, no normal person would have noticed it. However, the young being searched the place for anything to do and found it.

He decided to take care of it and make it grow. As he was doing so, his magic slowly altered the plant and turned it into a conscious being. Gelebron’s love for it grew and he decided to name it Bloodthorn.
Years after years the plant grew, it became a beautiful flower and Gelebron felt like a proud father.
Until one day a god, Crom, walked by him and seen him taking care of the plant. He saw him giving his undivided attention to the plant, even ignoring the godly presence that had shown up.
Crom did not appreciate being ignored.

At all.

As the vicious god he is, he wanted to take his revenge by not only hurting Gelebron, but the plant too.
He cast a spell and transformed the beautiful flower into a savage carnivore plant. Bloodthorn ate three of Gelebron’s fingers before he could even react.
As Gelebron gave his full attention to the plant, he did not know Crom was the one responsible for Bloodthorn’s sudden transformation. When Crom came back later that day and offered a place for Gelebron to move Bloodthorn, a place where it would be free to grow without hurting anyone, all Gelebron felt what thankfulness.
The ‘young’ magical being readily accepted and Crom moved Bloodthorn to a place now called the Corrupted Gardens.
Once he was done, Gelebron came to him and asked if there was anything he could do to repay him for his help. The god had seen Gelebron’s power and decided to take him as his apprentice.

A few thousand years passed. Gelebron grew taller and wiser. His beard’s length could not be measured anymore. His studies under Crom’s teaching was going strong, and his strength had reached a peak that had never before been reached by any being other than the gods themselves.
Regularly, Crom gave him updates on Bloodthorn’s growth.

However, this situation could not last indefinitely. One day Gelebron heard two of Crom’s trusted aids talk about Bloodthorn, and how the god had transformed it into the bloodthirsty creature it now was.
Hearing it was magic that turned his beloved flower into a monster, Gelebron’s first reaction was breach Crom’s barrier around the Gardens and go to Bloodthorn to transform it back to its beautiful self.

After several failures, he decided to go back to his master’s tower to search for a solution instead of trying any kind of magic that would hurt Bloodthorn further. As he was getting ready to leave, Bloodthorn seemed to regain its former personality for an instant and gave Gelebron what was to become its very first offspring in the form of a bean. Receiving this priceless gift, the magic being felt his heart melt and his resolved to cure Bloodthorn’s condition grew even more. From his expression that day and the shape of the gift, he gained a new title: Jelly-bean.

His joy was short-lived, however. As he got back to Crom’s tower and climbed the stairs up to the top, his anger grew again at the idea of the god’s action. His rage was so strong that he did not hesitate to attack his master the second he saw him waiting on his platform.
As powerful as Gelebron had grown, he still was not stronger than Crom. His anger, however, gave him the strength he needed to match his master’s power. The fight lasted for years. The top of the tower was ravaged by countless spells.
On the last day of their fight, they both stopped moving to cast one last spell, one that could not be avoided by their opponent.
Gelebron prepared a spell to teleport Crom to the void while Crom’s goal was to simply kill his student.
While Jelly-bean’s spell hit its target dead-on, Bloodthorn’s offspring suddenly moved in front of the mage and was killed in his stead.

The bean’s death, accumulated to all the pain he had felt for his flower, made Gelebron lose his mind. He killed every living being in the tower then filled it with his own creations. From this day onward, Crom’s tower was renamed to Gelebron’s tower.
The mage embedded his bean into his (big ass) scepter and stood at the top of the tower, retreating deep into his mind to think of a solution to save his flower. He stood there undisturbed for millennia until heroes breached the tower’s entrance and came to kill him.
As he died, the bean’s remaining magic activated and he was revived a few days later. This is why, even though heroes often gather to fight him, he will always come back, until he has found a way to save Bloodthorn.
After a while, the Garden’s barrier was breached too, and heroes invaded it. As they explored the corrupted place, they saw the threat Bloodthorn is and once again decided to gather to eradicate it.
As the bean’s magic came from its parent, Bloodthorn too was revived in a short amount of time, forcing the heroes to meet it in battle again and again, in a seemingly endless struggle.

You might wonder what happened to Crom. A powerful god like him would never succumb to the void. Well, hasn’t been seen since he was teleported there, but who knows, he might come back in a future update.
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Re: Jelly-bean's true story

Im sorry but i dont understand your story :?
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Re: Jelly-bean's true story

Jonlionhartff7 wrote:Im sorry but i dont understand your story :?

Nice troll, teach me
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