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Re: Rumor Game (Sort of...)

paggasquid wrote:Is this unbrella academy inspired?

Lol yep. I'm hoping one of us actually has that power and it causes VR to make a necessary change they weren't intending to.

I heard a rumor that if you have several of the same boss drop, you can fuse them and it will upgrade by a tier.

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Re: Rumor Game (Sort of...)

I heard that the clan system was getting a complete makeover and would come with an integrated clan bank and a bit more control over clan stuff. Hype!
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Re: Rumor Game (Sort of...)

PeruvianLughvian wrote:I heard a rumor the game will have an inbuilt DKP calculator...

Oh and that they will remove grand mighty and majestic drops from the loot table on bosses and reduce the windows on edl bosses and raids.

i heard the dpk system sucks ducks and allows too much corruption to make it fair for all players

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