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Initial Impressions/Questions from a new player

Hi All,

I am newcomer to this game.
I read this game Wiki and installed this game in my Android phone.
I am impressed by all the classes and lore so far (Farcrag/Crookback so far).
I played all of these classes till level 10 with the following ratio.

Druid (Focus:Vitality => 4:1 ratio)
Druids simply can restore all the health easily. They are lil slow compared to Mage.

Ranger(Dex:Vitality => 4:1 ratio)
Ranger are good and the bolas are really fun.. except for grouped or ranged mobs. Also a heal scaling based on Dex is very good.

Warrior(Str:Foc:Vita => 2:1:2 ratio)
Warriors simply dont lose health and very tanky but its much pretty auto attack with a Giant Swing once in a fight.Very slow

Rogue(Dex:Foc:Vita => 3:1:1 ratio)
Rogues have the fastest kill speed . But after the initial burst I am feeling slightly defenseless.

Mage (Focus:Vitality => 3:2 ratio)
Mages are good and I especially love my 5/5 Cloak of Fire as mobs get killed by themselves but lacking decent heal/defense.

Anyway these are my first impressions.

My main questions: I am aware that we need to support the game developer and buy some plat or gold.

a) If I am interested in leveling only one toon as I am more of a solo-experiencer how much it will cost me per character ?
Which character is expensive (least to most) ?

b) How long does it take to see the entire solo content ?

c) At what level should I start spending plat or gold because I believe in MMOs low level stuff tend to get outdated as we level up

Thanks mates :)

Re: Initial Impressions/Questions from a new player

Your impressions of the various characters are pretty accurate for farther along in the game as well! As a Rogue or Ranger you will want to put some point in Strength as well, as that increases your auto attack damage. Druids also usually follow a 3/2 foc/vit ratio for the first 50 or so levels, until they have enough health to last against mobs.

In regards to your questions:

A. There are a lot of different opinions as to what class works the best for soloing.
- Rangers are a good option because they have a decent heal, decent damage, and decent support skills against harder mobs (bolas being the best one). They are cheaper in that the most expensive item you will need at a higher level is an offhand quiver that regens energy, as well as giving you an attack speed boost.
- Warriors are a good option because they are tankier, and therefore can survive easier against enemies. Their damage is quite impressive, especially if you can get ahold of some of their more damagey skills. As a warrior, you would want to prioritize getting an offhand weapon as well as an energy regeneration bracelet or amulet.
- Druids are a decent option because they have enough support skills to easily keep themselves alive, and their damage isn’t too bad (but slow, as you noticed). Druids don’t really need much in the way of expensive shop gear, but they run into energy issues quickly...you will need a lot of energy sigils (premium item) to play a druid well at mid-endgame.
-Mages are a harder class to play solo. They don’t have very much in the way of defensive or supportive skills, so you will be levelling slower or spending more for potions and elixirs to keep you alive. Like druids, they don’t necessarily need much in the way of shop gear, but energy regen is an issue as well (though not as much as druids, because mages have an extra energy regen skill that helps a lot).
-Rogues can be harder to solo as well...they are squishy too, with high burst damage/lower support skills. If you play as a rogue, you will need an offhand and amulet/brace similar to warrior.

All that being said, any class can be soloed pretty well, each has pros and cons...either high damage and low survivability, or lower damage but higher survivability. You will need to spend more gold on gear as a warrior/rogue/ranger, but druids/mages have energy regen issues, so you will need to spend gold on getting sigils and various regen items as you progress as a caster.

Also, the game is best experienced with others. Leveling with a friend can be really beneficial...your kill speed will go up with 2 people, as will survivability. Taken together, the total xp over time could be higher than if you were to try and solo the whole time.

B. There isn’t really any solo vs group content. If you want to play the game completely solo, without joining a clan, you will probably start running into some issues anywhere between level 100-150, as you get to bosses that need larger groups to kill. Although a lot of the drops can be bought from other players, depending on what server you are on. I’d say that on pretty much any server, it’d be hard to stay clanless past 150.

C. I would recommend saving your gold until level 100. If you have enough gold, you could consider getting a level 50 offhand weapon...but once you get to 100, you unlock a shop with better gear, so you would need to resell the offhand and save up for another one.

However you play, here are some tips that are pretty universal:

1. Don’t buy gold with platinum. The exchange rates haven’t been tweaked since the game was released (as far as I can tell) and the amount of gold that you get for the cost is very small. If you want to buy plat, and get gold, your best option would be to buy the special event chests and resell to players. Chests usually go for around 30-50k on any given server, depending on how desperate the seller or buyer is.

2. If you buy platinum, I highly recommend getting backpack and bank expansions from the plat store. You will need them at any point past level 30-40. I’d guess that maybe 50 backpack slots and 150 bank slots would probably be enough to last you a while, depending on whether you are a hoarder or not ;)

3. If you play as a druid or mage, and you buy platinum, I highly recommend getting a load of energy sigils from the plat store too (health sigils would also be helpful as a mage). To prevent wasting your money, I’d recommend waiting until level 50 or so, so you can make sure you want to continue playing as that character.

4. Super Knowledge elixirs will massively (4x) increase the amount of exp you receive from kills. You can use them at an earlier level if you want, but I usually prefer to wait until level 50 or later. Quests will do a lot for you in the early game.

5. Restoration potions and resurection idols are super helpful, as restos heal/regen a massive amount of health and energy, and idols will bring you back from the dead wherever you died.

Another thing to keep in mind is that practically every premium item can be bought from other players (excluding extra character slots and hotbar slots). So if you have some gold saved up, and want to get an item from the premium store, try shouting around that you are buying it...there’s a fairly good chance that someone has some spares they would be willing to sell you.

Best of luck to you! Enjoy the land of Dal Riata!
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Re: Initial Impressions/Questions from a new player

I can't answer how much it'll cost you for a toon, but you can do it for free, and if you want to get plat, around 100$, maybe a little more depending on where you live is the best value (I think never got any myself) and if you do it on a double plat occasion (get twice the plat for the same dough) it should give a pretty big/major boost. As for the cheapest, druid probably is but also the slowest, the cost of any other class will also go down if you take it slow.

As for things that don't get obsolete, most of the things in the plat shop don't, sigils (especially for a caster class) are very useful forever. Expansions, slots, and lixes are the same. There are also a few skills that drop from higher level mobs you'd want to get asap and they never go obsolete.

As for solo content (whatever that is) it could take you months or even years to get to EG, hell I'm sure people have done it in weeks, but most likely it'll take a few months I'd assume.

So am I to assume the iron man challenge is off or what?

Re: Initial Impressions/Questions from a new player

Basically what eragon said, but it matters a lot on the server in my mind don't buy sigils and back pack/ back expansions (15k crom/7k crom)(usually cheaper on other servers) out of the plat shop just buy chests and sell them for 30-50k depends mostly on the server (If you were to buy platinum). If you were to be a free to play join a clan instantaneously this will enable u to better gear and helpful allies in leveling and armour. I do recommened if you are at level 35 or level 100 you should buy a haste item gloves or the ring after getting a good lux offhand because they increase your dps by a large margin. Depending on the class I say if going mage/druid ammys and sigils will be on your top list to buy from other players. Rouge/ Warrior/ Ranger get good offhands quickly and buy skill rings that add 3-5 skill points to a skill. P.S. NEVER USE: skills for invisibility.

INSANELY IMPORTANT: When level 81 comes get as much help as you can if you follow the quest line you will find a quest that can be repeated as many times as possible (not the Loch Dorcha Beast that one takes too long to do). For this quest you need 5 cursed coins of dunskieg 2 tensile webs 1 gorn toad toxin. This quest is extremely helpful as farming these mobs for drops has gotten me to lvl 100 very easily it takes about 6 hrs of farming in total if you were doing it on your level 81 character or if you get a clan member to help who is higher level a lot less time.

EARNING MONEY WITHOUT PLAT: Mostly I suggest merching, but also do fishing as at level 80 it gets very profitable with a fisherman easily earning 1.2k a minute at shalemont river.

STAY AWAY: Never unless you have money to waste invest in cooking it is a large expense with a debatable use. Don't buy fashion if you are a new player unless planning to merch it. Never ever do dicing although the person may be reliable (10-20% dice people are scammers) your luck is not. People can lose millions off dicing and no one, but the lucky roller gets a benefit. Never buy idols from plat shop or ley fragments, gold, and restos these are the worst deals possible in the plat shop.

IMPORTANT: Just buy skill slots (from plat shop) this is a plat item you should invest in because its no-trade and in higher levels hot swapping items and use restorations rather then going in your inventory to change it while in combat is a lot easier and helps while leveling. 83-135 is an easy quest line where quest like the one I already said and Razorclaw can get you far in the game very quickly!

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