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Celtic Heroes Iron Man Challenge

New player here.
I read about this game online and understood that "plat" is the premium currency and "gold" is the player currency.
"Clan" is like a "guild"
The game's ambience is medieval which I really really dig...:)
Thats about it :)
I am trying something of "iron man" challenge...as below


- No Plat purchase
- No clan
- Only solo content
- No auction or trade with other players

Objective :

To ding level 220 and complete all solo content

Can any class do that ?
If more than one classes do that which would be the best (do provide stats ratio) also plz
If you think a hybrid can do that, do mention the recommended stats ratio also

PS : I would love to support the game developers and if I like the game I would purchase some cosmetics/potions/elixirs/chests etc for my second toon but for my first toon I would really love to do the above challenge

Re: Celtic Heroes Iron Man Challenge

dyroxicon wrote:You could do it really with any class under those conditions but it will take decades. I wish you luck to not break your rules and keep your sanity haha


This is interesting
I am also interested to know about this.

Eventhough all class can do this, which class/spec with the least number of deaths?

Re: Celtic Heroes Iron Man Challenge

i Would say the same.. that any class can do that.. however, the problem is gold lixes and gears... you need to take lots of time for farming gold... Armour sets are not problem as you Could use those map Armour sets such like spirit... bone... and vial Armour sets... As you said you dont trade players or buy anything from ah... i am wondering If you are allowed to buy anything from ingame shops? If you can... then you Could farm gold for your main hand and offhand... also buy some jewelries from ingame shop.. But If you are not allowed Buying from ingame shop as well... then its mission impossbile... As for lixes... as you dont buy plat and dont buy from ah and other players... the only lixes you Could get will be from system login rewarding... without lixes... you still can level up... but it will be Very painful and time consuming after level 150... cause before level150 you Could do quests to level up.

Re: Celtic Heroes Iron Man Challenge

Oh dear! This sounds like a terrible idea. I honestly don't see you making it far without any extra backpack or bank space.

Also, are you allowing yourself to group other players and ask for help? Because to advance to the upper levels of the tower, you have to kill 5* bosses which you won't be able to solo, especially not with all the adds around.

If you want a class that won't die as much, choose ranger or druid. Both can fight from a distance and continually bolas or root their enemy. Both also have a good healing skill. Rangers will kill faster, but druids can get energy back quicker. This is all depends on when you collect tomes though, so ranger would be your best bet.

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Re: Celtic Heroes Iron Man Challenge

Hello and welcome to Celtic Heroes!

I'd say you are up for a Challenge, but excited to see how you progress. I will recommend joining a Clan which will make leveling more enjoyable, even if you don't group with anyone.

It is possible to obtain every item in Celtic Heroes without Platinum for any player who puts in the effort. :)

Re: Celtic Heroes Iron Man Challenge

If you are seeking to do this challenge I would suggest doing it on the server Epona. Every other server is pretty much controlled clan wise and as such it would require a massive farming effort to generate the millions of gold needed in order to pressure players to "illegally" sell the drops that are supposed to be turned into clan banks.
CH by its nature was designed to be clan based, although since 2012 it has become pretty singular clan based at EG (anyone remember when multiple clans could compete for falg and or aggy... I didn't play then but I remember hearing about it :lol: )

It would still be a challenge but it would be reasonable and it wouldn't put you against the clans of a world either ;)

still, this sounds like an awesome challenge and I wish you luck!!
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