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Anyone found the mob that drops this yet?

I’d be more than happy to farm the living hell out of whatever area spawns the mob that drops this, but I haven’t seen the mob that drops it, nor have I seen it on AH. Anyone know where this drops?
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Re: Anyone found the mob that drops this yet?

voltagebinary wrote:Either a rare bear or pulled from ripples is my guess also.

I would love for it to be rippled but I seriously doubt it. Rare has zero meaning in this game. I have seen rare items drop 4 times a week. I’ve also heard of items that have a possibility of dropping that nobody has even got it yet. So rare mob? Lol does this mean the never seen rare or the 4x a week rare? Or once every few hours rare? Rare? Lmao.

Re: Anyone found the mob that drops this yet?

I'm sure you know by now but the previous poster is correct that a rare bear drops it in sv. I had one drop yesterday from a 5* bear on the road to the falg pit and I'm not sure what it's worth really.
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