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Fishing questions

1. hand of noden rod Questions- 353 fish power? Everything else in fishing for power is by 5 or 10? Couldn’t give us the extra 2 points? What’s the deal with the effect of the fishing rod? Ultra rare shimmering 3 an hour is a good rate and that’s if your lucky and a permanent effect that is useless because the shimmering doesn’t spawn for it to be used. Lmao not to mention the time you get a shimmering I can fish it out before it even casts the effect it’s supposed to prevent. Lmao

2. Nodens- Why are we still catching bronze nodens in 180 pools? By the time someone levels to 180 pools they should have at minimum 150 bronze and that’s with buying every fashion along the way. If you can catch only bronze in two of the zones why on ear5 are they still in 180 pools? Why do we still get bronze nodens in grandmaster cache? What’s the point of even getting grandmaster if the rate of bronze outweighs the other nodens you need? Besides the fact you should have over 150 unused bronze by that point.

3. When is quest bug for grandmaster cache going to be fixed? If you are level 185 and up you can’t do the quest. The last team fixed it within a month of it being flagged. And this was flagged as soon as corrupted gardens dropped.

4. Shimmering fish in 180 pools. Ultra rare spawns should they not be worth more xp to cook with? They are the same xp as angler fish but super rare. To get a stack of 100 of just one kind of the fish would take months and months of fishing at about 8 hours a day non stop fishing there are four types of shimmering but the xp in cooking such rare fish is the same as normal fish. Why? Why have the effect to catch them quicker....”it’s useless” yet they are regular xp in fishing and cooking? What’s the bonus? The buff of the food? Lmao nobody wants those food buffs.

5. Ah yes fishing questions. When will I get an answer?

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