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Cooking Boss Recipes

Hey so after farming a few cooking bosses I wonder if someone has already done some statistics on droprates.
And is there any difference between the bosses or can every boss drop every recipe?

Boss locations and drops are specified in this great post viewtopic.php?f=302&t=95357.

If you were lucky with a recipe drop already please comment what boss dropped it :)
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Re: Cooking Boss Recipes

I kill
2 cooking bosses > Filet mignon recipe
After 200+ bosses > Lemon meringue pie recipe
After 600+ bosses > Caviar recipe
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Re: Cooking Boss Recipes

Killed 50 times Culinarian Rajek (190 5* Infernal Armouries). All were solo kills using one toon (lv 200 rogue full reaver lux). Got recipe four times.

Lemon Meringue Pie
Truffled Quail Eggs (twice)

I suspect more the no of kills per day higher the chance. But could be random and all luck too.

I hope this helps those helpless who are still trying in 2020 :)
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