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Re: Best Spot to Farm Crumbling Items

Killface wrote:On the one hand, you are totally right that a one-person study with a couple hundred hours of fishing would not be nearly enough of a sample size 2 determine a pattern for sure statistically, that being said it does seem that the RNG in ch has a migrating pattern to it. Disappears in the dice, in chest openings, and apparently in fishing. I'm not saying that I've nailed down how to score particular score on the dice, but I have often used it to increase my chances of winning giveaways. It's not enough to predict exactly where you will pull a particular item or how, but it is enough to know that if you move close to someone who is rolling 90s consistently the likelihood of you Rollin 90s goes up. R & G has to be somewhat elaborately coded if you will. It has to take many factors into account, and taking the area into account but rotating it based on time or something is a great way to program a variable into an RNG. It would make sense that relics would rotate just exactly for the same reason that it would make sense to have a percent chance.

Fishing wasn’t always dead. When it was new I would fish in groups and befriended every Fisher on morrigan. I noticed patterns and I caught the bear relics. So technically it wasn’t just a one person fishing study group. It was multiple people when lirs was the only fishing zone. Could they have lied? Yes, but it was easy to find out if they lied if they were running around with a bear and I shared all my extras, So they had no reason to lie. And there wasn’t an AH around.

Does it matter? No. A person asked about fishing for relics and I answered what works for me and has worked for multiple people I’ve helped.

Some people want it to be based on percentages, cool. I just know I would never have caught all my relics if I stayed fishing In The same spots. And some areas with very few pools vs the dock areas with a lot of pools, you can fish those for just as many relics as the big dock areas. If it was based off of percentages you would expect more to happen at places where you cast more. That is not the case. Anyone who has caught at least two full sets of bear relics should know that. It isn’t based on level of the fish as you can catch just as many relics in a level 1 area as the level 45 area at high shore. It just has to spawn in that area. And is why people can either get the relics quickly or not at all. Based on percentages you would see an average of who casts how many times gets more. It spawns around the zone. And only at one spot at a time. If I catch a relic quick sometimes it’s at the end of its spawn cycle in that spot and moves to another location. I can’t predict where it will be but I can isolate it down to where it is.

Re: Best Spot to Farm Crumbling Items

napodan2 wrote:Don't know if that can help:
I was fishing yesterday in lir's peer. In less than 1 hours, I took 2 crumbling urns and no ring. I was wondering what happens to the rings: usually I received so much of them, I don't know what to do with them.

I lvled to 140 before deciding to farm relics, I farmed for crumbling on the pier for 2-4 hours every day for 2 weeks and never got a single one, I had to buy all mine
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Re: Best Spot to Farm Crumbling Items

I play on Crom IGN is BloodThorn and personally I’ve farmed all my relics at the First pier (Tavern Pier) if your high enough in fishing you can insta cast all the first out of the water and just spam it on all the ripplings the average drop rate was 500-800 catches before one would drop because they’re pretty rare hopefully this helped

Re: Best Spot to Farm Crumbling Items

The Beginner's peer is the best area to fish any of the crumbling relics, because they all have the same odds in my experiences from dropping.

With any relic, you would be best to fish at areas where it requires the least amount of time to fish a spot.

Lir's Reach - Beginner's Peer
Shelmont - to the Right of the Encampment
Stonvale - Near the Fairy Clothing Shop
Fingal's Cave, just to infront of the tavern's portal
Otherworld - Best for Grimy
Not sure about anceint relics, those might depend on the area.

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