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Rippling/Shimmering Vortex Observations

I spend a lot of time semi-AFK fishing for gold and fish meals at the lvl 180 pools, enough to have all the Ancient relics without buying a single one. In that time, I noticed some things about vortexes (purple water that gives the fish for the Hand of Nodens):
1: These vortexes always spawn in the same spots for their respective pools. For Fingal's Cave, it's close to the island in the center of all the pool spawns, and in Carrowmore Tunnels, it's in front of the waterfall. I have not found one spawn in Lir's Reach by the Northern Peninsula.
2: Vortexes are always level 185, never higher or lower.
3: If I haven't been fishing recently and I go to a vacant pool, there's usually a vortex waiting there for me.
Through these observations, it clicked in my head that these vortexes may not be random, and are instead set spawns, much like the bosses in this game. To test this theory, I timed the space in between vortex catches to see if they were consistent, and they were! They respawn every 1hr 50 min. - 2hr 10 min.
If you’re looking to obtain the Hand of Nodens but are growing tired of fishing, you can note when you spot a vortex and go back to that spot ~2 hours later for a great shot at getting another (if someone’s not already fishing there, of course). Like boss timers, but for fish!
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