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Furyion's Guide to Merching

About time I finished this guide, 4 years after I said I would. I waited until I felt like I knew the economy enough so I would be able to cover everything. Today is the day though, and I cover the entire spectrum of merching in this guide. Because prices vary however, I can't tell you prices on other worlds except my own(Lugh). To be a successful merchant, you must take this knowledge and apply it yourself.

Its broken into 3 parts/sections, to make it easier to digest

Part 1 - Basic Merching (For beginning merchants and a refresher)


Part 2 - Intermediate Merching (For middleground merchants and useful for advanced merchants as well)


Part 3 - Advanced Merching (For understanding the entire economy, and controlling it)


Feel free to comment, or ask me any questions you have about merching!
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Re: Furyion's Guide to Merching

Meh, merching usually results in dead worlds. Sometimes if the people doing it aren’t control freaks the economy can flourish because they stimulate it a bit more, but I have only ever seen 2 marchers to have done this and both got driven out in the end by merchers who only cared about bottom lines.
I really hope OTM puts tighter market controls in place. The auction house fee was a great idea in this regard, but unfortunately it also caused for merchers to hike up the prices on goods even more.
I have never once seen merching be beneficial to a server, but I have seen it wreck server economies time over on multiple servers...
I get merching is a part of mmos, hell I even did it as a noob to fund my toons originally... till I got scammed in an attempted world xfer and bought plat :lol: #addict . I get it’s a part of the game, but I think in ch it’s so easy to do where one person can legit control the entire world economy, and it gets to the point where lix prices go from normal to 2-3* what they should be, even outside of plat droughts.
For people like me who never really buy plat from market it’s fine, but for the majority out there it can really put a stopper on server activity.
Merchers need to keep in mind what their activities do, it’s one thing to try and turn a quick buck, it’s another to screw over the entire server for personal gain and then sell out by xfering or other means before it crashes...
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Re: Furyion's Guide to Merching

Negociating is always helpful for business and even relationships so unusual guide even if the hoarding part don't do much good in reality and can ruin people in-game experience. If you started to play with monopolies everywhere you would insult those people. Imagine if it applied to the water you drink, the electricity, your education...

Since there is no salary,demand, production,
video games leave aside the more accurate keynesian vision of economy. So I would not compare this to real life.
If you consider remotely only One market, like CH. It should normally goes back to the basic neoclassic models where an increase of money directly increases prices if the number of transactions remains the same. Although Celtic Heroes has its own trade specificities-

I will call into your view of the Dal Riata economy,
Has Celtic Heroes economy really entered an inflation spiral?

Inflation's consequence means as you said a loss in purchasing power and an increase of prices but only some specific items prices are going up meanwhile most of the consumables prices are going down.

Yet the purchasing power of a new player improved those 2 last years since they buy mainly idols, restos and xp lixs, gear with npc shop ... Most of the item prices are rigid thanks to npc shop preventing an inflation spread.
Consequently, new players are not impacted by
inflation in their "first" needs.

Therefore I think that CH is a two level economy, let aside NPC items.

-A common market with a steady flow of drops (1) and an increase of now unwanted plat items (2)
The trend is going low
(1) Armor quest
(2) Experience lixs, Restos, Idols, tokens

-A endgame market based on rarity (1) and endgame solo and clan effort (2)
(1) Fashion, dragon egg, op lux, BT Gele drops
(2) Hastes, Combo lixs
The Trend is going up with constant earnings and no Events or Permanent Lux/Mount shop good enough to sink gold unlike the era before chests.

Thus, the endgamers have a bigger gold stock but they neutralize their stock when trading with others endgamers or marketers. Therefore endgamers adapt their prices to their wallet (kind of Pigou "wealth effect") because at endgame you compete with others players rather than the game so you are ready to pay the gold you possess to be superior through items or seem superior through fashion.

To conclude, there is a "numeric" inflation on the Endgame group caused by the chest-based economy. However it does not have repercussions on the lower levels and this group now benefit from better plat offers.
At a closer inspection the endgame inflation is not damaging, it follows the pace of your income if you dont quit the game.
This would only damage your purchasing power on the eg market if you stopped playing for awhile but again only for specific items.
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