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Unity 2018 Beta Information

Hello Heroes,

The Unity 2018 Beta will begin on Sunday, November 4th, 2018 (Around 9PM PDT). Those who signed up for the beta will receive an email very soon with instructions on how to download the new client. You will create new characters on either of the two beta servers, so we encourage to play with your friends and clan members.

Beta Status: Not Yet Available.
Patch Notes will be released once beta is available.

Phase 1:
In Phase 1, our goal is to focus only on looking for visual defects and glitches from the Unity 2018 update. Players are immune to damage and have all of the leystones unlocked, so we encourage you to run around and scour the world of Dal Riata looking for issues and then report them in our Bug Reports section (access only to those in the beta test): Unity Beta Bug Reports

Phase 2:
After Phase 1, damage is re-enabled and players will be focused on testing basic game mechanics and low-level testing. Changes have been made to the tutorial and first few levels, so we're looking for feedback and bug reports on combat, new UI, etc.

Phase 3:
Details to be revealed at a later date.

Check back to this post regularly as we may update this post with more information as we acquire it. Want to participate in the beta? Submit your application here: https://goo.gl/forms/bnvOz2R35tilcpRv2

Re: Unity 2018 Beta Information

The date has been updated to Sunday, November 4th, 2018 at 9PM PDT.

We've bumped it up a day early and are making the beta available for download Monday Morning 11AM BKK time.

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