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Patch - Yuletide 2013: 10/12/2013

The Yuletide festival has begun in Dal Riata, and you can join in the celebrations!

This year’s Yuletide festival includes:

Diadems of Ice
The Yulefather has returned to Farcrag Castle, but on his journey to Lir’s Reach he lost some of his presents. Help retrieve the Yulefather’s presents and you’ll be rewarded with a Diadem of Ice.

Gloomgaze the Wraith has possessed several Yule helpers, and is using them for his own schemes. Help Iona rescue the possessed Yule helpers, and in return she’ll give you a Candycane weapon.

Natan Athach
The fearsome Ice Dragon Natan Athach has swept into Lir’s Reach, bringing with him a wealth of icy creatures and frosty weather. This powerful 6-star boss drops various helms and charms, so gather your clan and put an end to his reign of terror.

Frost Items
Ulfhildr the Artisan has ventured south from the northern lands, and is offering her wares to brave adventurers. Defeat deadly Ice Golems, Frostwings, and Polar Bears, and Ulfhildr will exchange your trophies for Frosthelms, Frostgloves, and Frostboots.

Yuletide Hunter
A host of wintery creatures have entered Dal Riata, and Sergeant Cairn needs your help to drive them back to where they came from. Defeat vicious White Wolves, Shalewyrms, and Ice Wyverns, and Sergeant Cairn will reward you with some experience points and a potion.

Frost Spirits
A band of Frost Spirits have invaded Lir’s Reach and are spreading their chill throughout the land. If you can catch and defeat them you may earn a variety of Crystals, and perhaps even a rare Stormskimmer or Yule instrument.

Yule Trader
Braith the Explorer has returned from her expedition to the northern lands, and has returned with a range of Stormskimmers and new luxury items which she is selling in Farcrag Castle.

Yule Hats
A selection of novelty festive hats will be available to purchase from the Offers page throughout the Yuletide festival.

Icebound Mystery Chest
A new mystery chest is available in the Item Shop during the Yuletide event. Win up to three rewards, including rare and exclusive Frostguard fashion, Stormskimmers, Yule instruments, Firbolg and Boggan fashion charms, and much more!

Special Gift
Players can receive a complementary Backpack Expansion during Yuletide by visiting the Offers page when logged into the game.

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