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May 2020 Event Schedule

Hello Heroes,

Starting on Monday May 4th, we will be having a weekly events for the month of May to help pass the extra time that a lot of us have nowadays!

We thank you for your feedback about reset frequency and coverage over the weekends. Each event will start immediately after the previous one so there is only one maintenance each week.

Here are a list of the upcoming events and their times.

Increased Gold & Experience
Gold & Experience gains have been increased to 125%! Please note that only experience from combat, fishing, and cooking are affected.
Start: Monday, May 4th 11:00 AM UTC+7(Time Zone Conversion)

Bloodthorn Bash
Bloodthorn the Ravenous has a set spawn time of every 12 hours.
Start: Monday, May 11th 11:00 AM UTC+7(Time Zone Conversion)

Taming and Riding Ability Double Rate!
The experience gained for pet taming and mount riding abilities is doubled.
Start: Monday, May 18th 11:00 AM UTC+7(Time Zone Conversion)

Cooking & Fishing Success Rate Up!
The critical success rates for cooking and fishing are increased to 150%!
Start: Monday, May 25th 11:00 AM UTC+7 (Time Zone Conversion)

Happy Hunting Heroes!

-The Celtic Heroes Team

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