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Open Beta Update!


Hey Heroes,

It has been so busy here at Castle OTM over the past few weeks!
The team have been working tirelessly to implement changes to the Corrupted Gardens update based on the valuable feedback received during Closed Beta testing!
During Open Beta in our Read First thread we will delve deeper into the changes made and what we want your feedback on, so be sure to check the beta sub-forum when the build is live.
(Any issues viewing the forum PM me and I can add you to the usergroup)
With all that said, we are super excited to have you join us in testing!

With the last of our changes and bugs being wrapped up our estimated date for Open Beta will be Thursday the 12th of April pending Apple Testflight approval.

Emails will be sent by myself to your email submitted in sign up for beta testing once the build has been approved and when it goes live.
iOS testers will then receive a second email from Testflight with an invitation code so keep checking that inbox!

We can't wait to start testing and look forward to seeing you there.
Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

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