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New Yuletide Competition - Chicken Chaser!


The second of our new in-game competitions, Chicken Chaser!

Farmer Moffat has been having so much festive fun, that he's lost track of all of his chickens... again.

He's hosting a competition to retrieve all of his Common Chicken that will begin tomorrow the 27th of December at 12:00 GMT and concludes on the 3rd of January at 12:00 GMT.

You should receive a warning 30 minutes before the start of the competition, and a popup when the competition officially begins!

The competition will track picking up Common Chicken that have spread throughout Lir's Reach, Farcrag Castle and even the Arena!

Only when you actively perform the action of looting a Common Chicken, will your total increment on the new Competitions leaderboard between this specific time period, and only during this time. Buying/Trading will not improve your ranking, nor will having existing common chickens in your backpack.

Although the leaderboards will display data for all servers, players will be able to filter by world on the main page to see the progress on their specific server. Also, take note that the leaderboards are currently slow to update. So don't stop collecting until you receive that final popup saying the competition is over! You'll never know until the end.

Once complete, we will provide the rewards on each server via in-game mail in Januaury.

The rewards for each place are as follows:

1st Place - A White Chicken Pet + Teal Frostbringers Celebratory Hat (Particle Teal) + Mauve Yulebringers Celebratory Hat (Basic Mauve)

2nd Place - A Black Chicken Pet + Mauve Frostbringers Celebratory Hat (Particle Mauve) + Mauve Yulebringers Celebratory Hat (Basic Mauve)

3rd Place - A Red Chicken Pet + Teal Yulebringers Celebratory Hat (Basic Teal) + Mauve Yulebringers Celebratory Hat (Basic Mauve)

4th-10th Runner-Up Places - A Brown Chicken Pet + Mauve Yulebringers Celebratory Hat (Basic Mauve)

Good luck and happy Chicken Chasing!

(Special rewards will be reserved for the top ten competitors worldwide and will be revealed after the competition end.)

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