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Re: Whats good Mabon

Hey Bman what's up?! It's Barely. Random af, this game just literally popped into my head and so here I am doing the same as you. I also quit sometime ago and glad I did. Hope all is well to all of you good peeps!
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Re: Whats good Mabon

Lmao Blunt :D And Bare Hahahaha
I still playing :P
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Re: Whats good Mabon

Sup Bman! Hows it going mate?
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Re: Whats good Mabon

What's up bro, miss ya, I took a small break from the game just because of some drama that was going on as usual. Just gets annoying sometimes and its good to get away from the game for awhile. Anyways, good to see you around and hope everything is going well.
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