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Wolf gang

Some of your clanies came to arawn to talk smack and brag that your clan is in top10 of all clans.
What did arawn do to deserve the disrespect?
No one likes players who come just to brag
Toon name in arawn:faggotcunt /something like that I’m serious and claims he’s a 215 member of your clan

Re: Wolf gang

Sorry to hear this but don't understand how they disrespect arawn by telling WG is top 10 clan when this is truth?
Please explain me this and show any ss with names to prove this?
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DrMentos - 220 lvl - Full EDL Druid
Super Saiyan - 185 lvl - Full DL Baby Rogue

Re: Wolf gang

Yes! Very sorry to hear of this conduct. We as a clan do not agree with this kind of ugliness. The leaders would like to know who this is from Mabon/Wolfgang if one could ever be certain who it is.
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