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-Little Boys Ancient Sword.- (A Story By Appfan3)

Once Upon A Time, A Child Was Being Raised In His Family, He Was A Curious Fella, So We Wondered Off On His Own Outside, There Was A Lot of Barbarians And skull-crushers Across His House Into The Deep Valley Ahead. He Was Happy To Be In A Family, He Felt Special, But He Was Still Curious About One Thing... Oe Thing That Would Change His Life Forever... One Thing That Will Help Him Find The Sacred Path. He Wanted His Great GrandFathers Ancient Sword, He Was So Curious That He Wanted To Steal It. The Child Sneaked In His Great Grandfathers Room To Find A Locked Chest, He Wanted To Open It. He Stole The Key And Opened it To Find His Prized Possession. He Snuck Outside And Ran Far Away To The Bridge Leading To The Valley. He Went Across The Bridge To Be Ambushed By skull-crushers, They Kidnapped The Little Child, They Stole His Prized Possession. They Took Him To The Edge Of The Cliff, By The Mountian. They Tied His Arm To A Rope That Was Tied To A Dead Tree. They Pushed HIm Off The Cliff To Hang There In Pain, Suffering For 2 Days. He Died Of Failed Blood Flow.

-Story By Appfan3
(World - Username - Level)
Sulis - Appfan3 - 160+
Sulis - MartinEledore - 40+
Sulis - WellsFargo - 1 (B)
Donn - Infectious - 60+ (R)
Lugh - Secret account

B = Bank
R = Retired

#EvolutionOnSulis #PeopleThatTakeMoreToiletPaperThenTheyNeedAreIdiots.

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