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Sigils Problem These days

Well as you can see no matter what the time it is, Sigils is always demanded. I know that as, I experienced how hard it is to find a good seller
the big problem that, I stated is
- Sigils are really hard to achieve and yes we have alternative like buying sigils from shop or open chests. But both are VERY unfair. For example. 1 sigils is 10 plat, but if you buy in a set in shop its 80 plat instead of 100 plat. and to get around 1000 sigils you will need to spend 8000 plat on it. But you can also use that 8000 plat to get 200 chests and sell for 5m which is 25k each and get 5000 sigils, in the same budget. Also opening chests. As an experienced chest opener and seller. I need to say that open chests expecting the sigils crates to come is really unreliable source of getting it. AS it is very randomly and mostly are those common idols and xps or restos pots. So it count as a unreliable source of getting to and there is no stable and reliable way of getting than buying from other players and that is the problem because no one sells either it is very rare or they don't intend to sell it.
So, take into consideration. Sigils need to be cheaper in plat shop to also aid players more and they will be sure to make a better server with it. if the plat shop sigils are fair price, I am sure that everyone will buys plat or at least spend plat on it and no need to rely on the chests as a way of getting it.

If you have anything or ideas of suggestions please leave a comment below and please don't tease or making any threaten comment.
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Re: Sigils Problem These days

Welcome to the economy of Celtic Heroes that has been destroyed by chests.

With the release of chests, pretty much everyone stopped buying things from the plat store. They'd rather buy chests and either sell them or open them. Because of that, plat item prices were majorly screwed up...some things are worth more, some things are worth less, no more 200/1 ratio. The plat store prices never changed in accordance to the player economy, hence why it is waaay more expensive to get sigils from the store, and waaay cheaper to get books of alt and rebirth in store.
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