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Appfan3's Guide to Duel Device Power Leveling (100-220)

Appfan3's Duel Device Leveling Teche

So you want to know how to level while duel logging?

Ok so this guide assumes you
- Have A Main
- Have A Alt (Low level for best results)
- Main Lvl 100+ (Reccomended)
- Good regens
- Two Devices (Duh)


This guide will hopefully show you a powerful power leveling teche. I hope it works.

Well first off its recomended that you level in carrow in one of the rooms/pits,
Because its going to be useful so you dont have to run down a long hallway and waste seconds off of ur lix.

So how does this work?

Well if you want to start this your going to have to be in the group with ur main. (Yes its strange) your alt is going to have a Xp or combo on so you get xp faster. Your main is going to have to kill mobs that are his level or above but mostly his level. Your going to need to kill 3 or 4* for best results. Make sure your alt is not fighting, because your going to get the same amount of xp as he gets. You can cast heals to make it easyer on ur main.

Appfans results:
I leveled with a level 145 main and a level 38 alt on boggans. My alt got 20k xp so thats a level up every kill i make.

Notice: This is my first guide so many words going to have typos and strange things.
(World - Username - Level)
Sulis - Appfan3 - 160+
Sulis - MartinEledore - 40+
Sulis - WellsFargo - 1 (B)
Donn - Infectious - 60+ (R)
Lugh - Secret account

B = Bank
R = Retired

#EvolutionOnSulis #PeopleThatTakeMoreToiletPaperThenTheyNeedAreIdiots.

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