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World Xfer from Rosmerta to here


lvl 100 shield
lvl 100 axe offhand (x2)
comrak shrivewood set
godly focus brace (lvl 99)
Godly vit brace (lvl 99)
shadow grim of flame
lvl 140 firestorm ammy
Mighty silverweb charm of shrouding
Ancient Relic Razorback cape (80/10)
Golden blade of fire
Godly firefang ring
40/40 tick kite
Grand silverweb natures touch
Minor dragon firestorm
Focus of the Seer
Focus of the mystic
Dark gim of frost
Orange musk of lugh
Some pots and idols
x2 vit firebolt aggy braces
black coven hat
75 dex +5 fast reflex aggy brace
Comrak stormleaf ammy
Ymirs bow.

MSG ON FORUMS id say thats around 4m
King - 223 warrior (BT helm)
Best DPS warrior in Nuada

BobTheMage "Swaps are DPS loss"
Looking to join Danu to fail Dino
Ignoring everything zKills has to say

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