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My Ideas 06

Hello, greetings
My name is Laplace, a rogue or which reputation you may be heard of from your friends, neighbors or even a player. My topic now is about my ideas, you can comment but remember it's my IDEAS, So if you have any ideas please write in the Link here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=82706 which you could discussed there. By all means I am just sharing my ideas hope not to be making somebody angry.

"New bracelet quest !”

As I stated above, I like how OTM has an otherworld braces quests, Otherworld wyverns, Carrowmore Riftskull braces and Tower Spyrestone braces. So , I decided to make a new quests as it help pursue many people on their journey to leveling and aid them in further quests. This new quest will be avaliable at Murky Vaults, It will be avaliable for level 99 same as the otherworld quest but difference in how the turn-in the items to get the reward they desired. I will be explain how the system works below

The System
The bracelet will be start at level 99, which mean if youre higher you could not be able to starting the quest unless you have meet the level requirement.
You will be able to get quest from The wall close to the leystone as it will be much more feasible to accept the quest due to labyrinth looking map.
The quest will alowed you to kill numerous mobs avaliable in the sewers to achieve the reward with the quest.
Each time you complete the quest you may be able to accpet the next tier quest directly, with out any issue of waiting next week or day to be able to accept the quest.
The type of bracelet isnt the same like Otherworld ones. Instead it gives 3 stats like spyrestone braces with the minimum amount of stat starting at 15 and end at 150 in each stats.
Each type of brace also give an additional elemental attacks with the minimum of 1 to 100 in each tier. Except poison which will be separated.
Each type of bracelet has a name telling which element it possess in the first part of the name with the stats type in the second part of the name
The type of bracelets are different like you haven’t seen before with same stats as spyrestone braces but different in names they were called.
There will not be any concern or issue on how they said “It will be an op braces and shouldnt existed in this game, It should be attain harder than it is, So it will be more worthy”, Yes I do agree with the statement but what you getting is fair due to killing an massive number of mobs in sewers so get 1 braces and increase per tier.
This idea is an suggestion on how people should farm and stop begging for gold, also it teaches us to be more patient and killing something worth a while, Let them know how achiving income is as hard as life should be.

"The items (Type, Stats)"

There will be 4 types of braces
Sultan = Heat
Czar = Cold
Caesar = Magic
Mogul = Poison

"An example of brace”

We will be looking at 1 type of brace which is Finnese and I will give a demonstation of each type of braces, which will be clarified below and will be compared each elements below.

Sultan’s Godly Bracelet of Finesse
Heat Damage: 100
Strength: 150
Dexterity: 150
Focus: 150

Czar’s Godly Bracelet of Finesse
Cold Damage: 100
Strength: 150
Dexterity: 150
Focus: 150

Caesar’s Godly Bracelet of Finesse
Magic Damage: 100
Strength: 150
Dexterity: 150
Focus: 150

Mogul’s Godly Bracelet of Finesse
Poison Damage: 50
Strength: 150
Dexterity: 150
Focus: 150

In comparison the stats were the same in each type, only different is an elemental damage which poison is an exceptional.
In each requiement for attaining the braces you will have to kill numerous mobs in order to acieve the brace with the condition that the quest giver grants. The amount of mob which will be killed will be explained below.

Number of monster killed in sewers (Murky) for completing the quest
Minor = 50
Lesser = 100
Mystic = 200
Greater = 400
Grand = 800
Mighty = 1000
Majestic = 2000
Royal = 2500
Imperial = 3000
Godly = 4000

After meeting the objectives the quest will be turn-in at the quest giver in order to get bracelet of desire.
The Quest giver name is "Mimir The Hermit” He will be oppose the ley stone in murky vaults

Sounds fair right? in order to recieve the brace, a cost will be an effort of killling. Which will in turn teaching us to be a hard worker and more diligent.

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Re: My Ideas 06

I like the idea, except for a few suggested changes:

1. 15 of each stat is insanely op, it would leave the godly brace with 450 stat points, much much more than even prot drops. Make it 10.

2. Instead of adding to 3 stats, change it to 2. This combined with the first point would have the godly brace add 200 stat points, which is pretty darn good as it is. So for example, a godly brace would be:
100 heat damage
100 str
100 dex

3. Unlock each bracelet at a different level (+10 increments). For example, you can get the first bracelet at level 100, and it gives 20 stat points. Then when you reach level 110, you can start the quest to get the second bracelet (30 stat points). With a total of 10 bracelets, you can get the godly brace at level 200, at which point 200 stat points and 100 damage is good, but not insanely op.

Yes, people will be killing a crazy number of mobs to get it, but still. The last thing this game needs is overpowered gear, regardless of how long it takes to get it.

Actually on that note, lower the number of mobs needed to get it by half. I might have more ideas later. But overall interesting idea for a quest!
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Re: My Ideas 06

tyvm, ye i am still an amateur. waiting for response like this in order for improvements. Otm might be interested in my ideas if they ran out of ideas.
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