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One Item!!! Which would you pick and why??

Hey guys! It's me, Soul :), now I've had this discussion before with friends, but now with forums, if you could have one item in CH, past or present, what would it be and why? Ex. One combo lix, one piece of fashion, and others but only one! Mine would be a Golden Camo Charm because they are just so rare nowadays and they remind me of the game back when imo it was competitive, you always had clans fighting for bosses, camping countless hours for Frozen Bosses in OW, KSing, and wars, the better part of the game, now there is never really a fight, the more superior clan will always take the bigger bosses with less of a fight because no one else is equal in strength!
Soulbearer33- LVL 105
SoulsRogueeee- LVL 159
SoulsRangerDPS- LVL 101
SoulsFireMage- 106
All for fun, not for fight! Proud member of TRclan :) :twisted:

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