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Re: Platinums' Giveaways

Giveaway is on for today! Meet Up is at the tavern around 1:00 P.M EDT

What time will the giveaway be in my time zone?
1:00 PM-EDT (New Hampshire,New Jersey,New York,North Carolina,Ohio,Pennsylvania,Rhode Island,South Carolina,Quebec,Ontario,Nunavut)

10:00 AM-PDT (California,Washington,Nevada,British Columbia,Yukon, Baja California)

11:00 AM-CDT(Minnesota,Mississippi,Alabama,Arkansas,Iowa,Illinois,Texas,Wisconsin,Manitoba,México,Nuevo León,Oaxaca,Puebla, Veracruz)

6:00 PM-BST (Guernsey,Isle of Man,Jersey,United Kingdom - main islands:England,Wales,Scotland,Northern Ireland)

7:00 PM-CEST (Albania,Andorra,Austria,Belgium,Croatia,Czech Republic,Denmark(mainland),France,Germany,Gibraltar,Hungary,Italy,Sweden,Poland,Norway)

Don't forget that you can donate prizes to the giveaway. Be online at the tavern around these times (every area will be informed prior to the start of the giveaway)
*Featuring these giveaway prizes* Combos, Restos, Bagpipes, Highlander fashion, Evergreen mystery chests +
SHOUTOUT TO zCarnage, ikillstuff, and Morganna FOR DONATING PRIZES. LOVE YOU B*TCHES :D :P :lol:
~Platinum :)

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