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My Ideas 04

Hello, greetings
My name is Laplace, a rogue or which reputation you may be heard of from your friends, neighbors or even a player. My topic now is about my ideas, you can comment but remember it's my IDEAS, So if you have any ideas please write in the Link here: http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopi ... 23&t=82706 which you could discussed there. By all means I am just sharing my ideas hope not to be making somebody angry.

"New types of Mount!! & New effects"
As the above title says, yeah a new type of mount, which I always concern about new mounts as you see they're horses, wings, gliders, cape ye and many things. Which I always think if i wanted to run fast do we need to be on the mount?. That question make me ponder and ask myself what should we do. And when my mind is blank, I saw a "Heroic boots of speed and traveling lix". But thats what makes a problem you see?, most high levels don't intend to use heroic boots as a low amount of armor, bad energy and health, cancels the aura of Dragonlord or Exalted. While traveling lix could make this easy by using it and you will run fast. Still it's not permanently use. have a duration of 15 mins per use. Which also those things are an alternative while those high levels could afford speed ring by 180, 200 luxury shop. But it will be shame to equip those rings while you wanted to equip the favorite rings or stats rings.

And The solution to fix is......Ta Da Dust of speed!!!
The dust of speed is a similar to mount as you could equip it like using kites or potions but the effects will be permanent and can only be cancel of the effects by just using it again, the effects will be gone. While if you to use just equip on hotbar and use it.

Pros and cons

- Come in various colors (red, orange, yellow, pink, green, blue, turquoise, purple, black, white)
- Come in various speed (10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 100%)
- Come in various effects as you choose to buy (Sparkling, Lightning, Flames, Winds, Radiant, Stardust, Ensorcelled etc.)
- Easy to use, can equip on hotbar slot, can be use while fighting or equip weapons.
- Can be unequip by pressing at the mount icon on hotbar or unequip it on inventory.
- When moving the effects will be applied as you move, fighting, dancing the effects will still be on. (If equipped)
- No color envy each other ex. I like green but green is not as fast as white, (That will not be the issue anymore!)

- Most players won't love cause they will says
"Momma, look at that mount, It's too op, It's too much OTM won't listen!"
"That kid ideas is too childish, youre nuts!"
"Get out, this game isn't for noobs"
"They should make only white the most powerful!!"
- Looks ridiculous and maybe they will sticks to horses
- OTM not listening
- We have heroic boots, we have rings, we have potions/ elixirs
- Those unbearable arguments
- Blah Blah Blah
- Gay-ass looking
- I don't care hahaha
- Nah it won't work
- Go drinking milk, and understand what's the worlds looks like

My name is Laplace, I am the fastest being. Nothing can overwhelmed me or escape from my visions, even Death's itself.


Server: Sulis
Name: Laplace
Class: Rogue
Clan: 1337
Level: 222


My Channel: LaplaceRogue
Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGJiX7 ... NKlT5dpeNQ
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CheezWiz: thats because leo is a god

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Re: My Ideas 04

Beheadeth Crom wrote:I would definately get lightning dust and run around castle mad :o

Like this?

CheezWiz: thats because leo is a god

"White Hunter is not a piece of fashion, Everything has a soul. Treat it with respect, all fashion has love for their owner"


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