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Sulis Empty?!

Sometimes for 2 hours, I'll be the only one on the server online. Where is everyone? :(
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Re: Sulis Empty?!

I think, currently, Sulis is just right. Not too crowded, not too empty. We have competition in the Avatar room, but it is still possible for one to level up. I am opposed to a merger with another server, personally. There just seems to be no need. And we, the Sulis habitants, require no Prozac to play the game. We're quite happy as it is!
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Re: Sulis Empty?!

About the merging. The admin said they didn't want to merge any worlds before the update and they wanted to take a look after the update has been released.
I also Like my server now. Not to crowded. You meet the people who keep playing the game and welcome newcomers. You hope they will stay by helping them and the beggars are kind of ignored. They don't like the game anymore and leave.
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When you merge 2 worlds you will get a lot of new faces around you and there is a chance that the world within the new world will group and again fight about kill stealing etc. Probably ignite a fire between everyone.
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