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Read Thorougly

For Sale

Lvl 200 Lux:
• Runic Ring of Virtue

Lvl 150 Lux:
• Amulet of Annihilation
• Fiery Quiver of the Wild
• Focus of the Mystic
• Unhallowed Necklace of Venom
• Ring of Might

Lvl 100 Lux:
• Sunshard Pendant of the Untamed Wilds
• Sunshard Band of the Mountain Peak
• Fiery Axe of Triumph
• Icechrystal Pendant of the North Wind
• Spectral Talisman of Midnight
• Shield of Reaver

Lvl 50 Lux:
• Golden Crown of Energisation

Lvl 0 Lux:
• Golden Warmagic Helm

• Ascendant Eagle Glider
• Exalted Karpati Nightflyer
• Wizard's Celestial Nightflyer
• Avalnche Sled

• Connacht Magus Set
• Connacht Vanquisher Set
• Imperial Bracelet of Impact
• Full Lesser Earthstone
• Godly Bear Helm of the Cruel Claw
• Royal Trollfang Helm of Warcry
• Royal Helm of Athach's Cunning
• Royal Helm of Athach's Wisdom

• Black Party Hat 2012
• Quartermaster's Skullcap and Eyepatch
• Blue Wyldwood Top
• Green Wyldwood Legs
• Full White/Turquoise/Blue/Green Spidersilk
• Full Purple Ardmair
• Full Green Frostguard
• Full Red Hunter
• Full Black Sunlight
• White Yuletide Cloud Hat
• Black Yuletide Helper's Hat
• White Wyldwood Shirt, Pants, and Boots
• Black Wyldwood Hat

Message me In-Game if interested.
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Re: Read Thorougly

I didn't read thoroughly :twisted: #evil
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