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I don't understand

Now the war is over and we do not need to constantly demoralise other clans, why don't we set up some auction house because let's be honest it's a disaster. No lixs no plat and it makes sulis look like a joke. We need to make our lives easier and have some auction house

Re: I don't understand

2012Ranger wrote:hey pickle! Havent talked to you in awhile,this is xroguexbeastx, does combos still play on sulis? Off topic, i know but anyways, the event should bring in a lot of plat to the economy and glad to hear the war with ret and jah is over.

Combos is back well atleast seen him more and hes been kindve active on clan line chat

Re: I don't understand

minime1268 wrote:
Candies wrote:
Appfan3 wrote:Can i eat your pickle?

Can I tickle your pickle for a nickle?

Would you tickle that pickle for a nickel?

Nah. It's probably a pretty moldy pickle.

and etc...

Clansman of Transcendent :D


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