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Selling Fashion

Hello Sulis newbs, I'm selling a bunch of fashion....
If you are interested please send mail to Ellis Fashion or The Vault unless you see one of the toons online (unlikely) then just PM me there. You may also comment on here and PM me on here but I do not visit the forums very often.. :ugeek:

Blue Ardmair Woad (x2)
Blue Ardmair Pants (x2)
Purple Ardmair Woad (x2)
Turquoise Ardmair Woad
Orange Ardmair Mask
Pink Ardmair Mask (x3)
Red Ardmair Woad (x3)
Red Ardmair Bracers (x4)
Pink Ardmair Leggings (x2)
Red Ardmair Leggings (x2)
Yellow Ardmair Woad
Red Ardmair Boots (x4)
Turquoise Ardmair Mask
Purple Ardmair Bracers
Sunbound Yellow Ardmair Mask
Sunbound Pink Ardmair Leggings
Blue Ardmair Boots (x2)
Purple Ardmair Boots (x2)
Pink Ardmair Woad
Green Ardmair Woad

White Hunter Top
Green Hunter Pants
Pink Hunter Hat

Purple Frostguard Gloves
Blue Frostguard Boots
Pink Frostguard Gloves (x2)
Pink Frostguard Hat
Turquoise Frostguard Hat
Snowbound Green Frostguard Boots
Green Frostguard Hat
Blue Frostguard Gloves
Orange Frostguard Hat
Yellow Frostguard Boots (x2)
Turquoise Frostguard Top
Turquoise Frostguard Leggings
Turquoise Frostguard Boots
Turquoise Frostguard Gloves
Ensorcelled Green Spidersilk Leggings

Purple Glenmor Top
Pink Glenmor Leggings

Green Lanrik Set (Except for Hat)
Purple Lanrik Gloves (2x)
Purple Lanrik Boots
Yellow Lanrik Pants
Red Lanrik Boots
White Lanrik Gloves
Turquoise Lanrik Gloves
Pink Lanrik Top
Yellow Lanrik Boots

Black Spidersilk Leggings (x2)
White Spidersilk Leggings
Black Spidersilk Gloves
Red Spidersilk Boots
Yellow Spidersilk Headdress
Red Spidersilk Headdress
Orange Spidersilk Top
Red Spidersilk Gloves (x2)
Orange Spidersilk Gloves
Pink Spidersilk Headdress (x2)
Pink Spidersilk Boots (x2)
Green Spidersilk Top (x2)
Pink Spidersilk Top
Pink Spidersilk Leggings
Pink Spidersilk Gloves
Green Spidersilk Leggings
Purple Spidersilk Leggings
Turquoise Spidersilk Leggings
Blue Spidersilk Leggings
Blue Spidersilk Top
Turquoise Spidersilk Headdress
Ensorcelled Green Spidersilk Headdress

Orange Party Hat (x2)
Pink Party Hat (x2)
Pink Coven (x2)
Blue Yuletide Helper’s Hat
Purple Yuletide Helper’s Hat
Orange Lugh Mask
White Summer Garland
Red Lugh Mask
Pink Lugh Mask
Turquoise Yuletide Helper’s Hat
Red Coven Hat (10)
White Phoenix Crest
Black Blazing Phoenix Crest

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