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An Introduction / An Idea

Hi Sulis! I, along with my dear friend Alphabet, have decided to give the world Sulis a try :)

Do not get me wrong. Sulis is an extremely unique world, known for its drama and history. But sometimes...it's so quiet :( (maybe it's because I haven't been to carrow) Like the castle seems to crowd at some hours and empty the other hours. I can never seem to find the proper items and gear for sale.

Just recently, my friend Alphabet have asked me for feedback on a idea that could bring the world's economy together. I thought his idea was brilliant; a chat group on-the-go where items could be listed for sale. I'm sure there are many servers with such an implementation, so why not have it in Sulis? Currently, the group contains only me and my friend. We are hoping to reach out towards the rest of the server. I know our stay was all but long. However, I do believe that a Selling/Buying app can make the server's economy run a lot smoother with a quick access to sale orders and the knowledge of prices. I'm sure everyone wants to better the world for a better experience. I know I certainly do.

Here's the App :)
(Create an account first through a quick process)

Search for the group: Sulis Auction House
And simply Join :D

Feedback and support are both gladly appreciated! ;)
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Re: An Introduction / An Idea

EllisRD wrote:Hate groupie tbh.... 99% of Sulis uses Line btw

Oh :o
But I was told that group was clan discriminatory. If not, I guess I would like to ask how I can join the Line group?

Shazta wrote:Groupie Crashes too much

It does?
Ah I guess that could be a major problem...thanks for presenting the problem to me :)

Thank you guys for the heads up :D
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TheOath Family.

Re: An Introduction / An Idea

Hey, i suggest line. :D
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