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Selling my stuff

If you have platinum i will take chests in gwydion at the going rate of 15k ea for any of these items e.g. Darkflame bp= 500k so that is 33 chests in Gwyidon :)
Otherwise gold only

Darkflame bp 500k negotiable
Darkflame gloves 75k negotiable
Darkflame boots 125k negotiable

Hero gloves -100k
Hero boots -90k
Hero ammy- 150k

Golden blade of fire- 170k
Axe of fire - 260k
Brace of spirits(15energy per tick)- 150k

Yule dex pendant- 650k
40% skimmer- 70k
Icelord dagger- 50k

Hero hastes- 2k ea
Hero hp/energy Lixs- 1k ea
Xps-4k ea
Hero defence/armour lixs- 1k ea
Hero wisdom lix- 500g ea

Thank you and buy to your hearts content
Oderint Dum Metuant.

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