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Re: Oh Jah.... Why

Weird...both jah and ret always bicker and put down lower lvls since we have no "business" or "involvement" in the war and shouldn't talk since we are noobs...than why do yall ks us, belittle us to your "superiority"...congrats you have played the game since beginning or for 2+ years...and are L180+ some of us just are looking for a fun game...and since you have beef with people in ret/jah and we shouldn't be involved just take out your anger on them and not us noobs...

Re: Oh Jah.... Why

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Sulis - Appfan3 - Rogue - 155+ - Evolution
Donn - Infectious - Ranger - 60+ - n/a (R)
Lugh - Secret account

Shivahh wrote:Not gonna happen, bloodthorn and certain stubborn players sums it up

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