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Why is it all the low levels are cockiest..?

Look in arena, Ret and Jah go back and forth. Then you see all the little Trans or Recruit noobs endlessly talking trash when their side is winning in arena. Then they start lossing and talk just as much trash while the high levels just kill each other because it is routine..? I've never understood this.. Yeah, my old main was a poor little 169 and I talked mad trash but I'd kill 2-3 in arena before I got killed.. I mean the low levels that are like little fish following a big shark.. The shark can attack and the little fish just want to be there for scraps.. Like, a little level 92 helping a 190 kill another 190.. Little fish aren't supposed to be cocky when they need to support someone who might be able to handle the fight.. Doesn't make sense.

Re: Why is it all the low levels are cockiest..?

Achilles i think hes talking to you if your reading this because your 92 and you say ima kill you all in arena when you really dont do unfathomable. But eh i guess its the same for me i admit i talk to much trash but after being ksed and killed for no reason i have a reason for all this trash talk. At first i was calm but now its just worse. I was killed for nothing. I understand why im killed now bcuz i talk trash but people do not realise why. (Btw i at least do some dmg :) )

Re: Why is it all the low levels are cockiest..?

Pickle why is it that every post you have to comment! Just stop, you wonder why u are hated then dont be running your mouth.

Not being mean, i like you but dont make a post saying why u are hated when u put yourself in that position!
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