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Convince Me

want to make a character on another world.
So tell me, Why should i join Sulis?
Ive posted this on every world so whichever one has the best reason for me to join will be the one i join.

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Re: Convince Me

well I don't really see why we need to convince you to come to Sulis. we have more than enough people in our world.
our world is a bit hostile. clan wars and personal vendettas rampant. the good thing about this is it breeds strong toons, encourages high levels and skill. a booming economy.
I personally don't like the war and KSing but that's what we have. there are some very good people here on both sides of the fence. me I maintain a gate in the fence since I get along with just about everyone and I look at both sides of the coin. but there are some harsh personalities here as you have seen in previous posts. but both those guys make solid friends if you get past the attitude. my other friends will not agree about this since lobo has spent most of a year creating an anti-Lobo following. :P but the world is full of good solid people if you can handle the heat. the unity that the different factions bring makes for some solid and loyal clanmates.

we don't pay too much attention to the younger clans and I don't really know what gos on there. we just kinda ignore them till they get high enough to trickle in to our domain then they seem to choose sides. you may find our world is quite pleasant as a noob.

BTW death/Lobo are in a clan that is in opposition to mine at the moment.(the "enemy" :lol: )
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Re: Convince Me

Give me 1m i let u join my world
World - Sulis
Clan - Toxic

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Can't imagine losing kills to a ranger in 2019.

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