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Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Hello, I saw other IOS servers doing this and I thought Sulis needed one.

To start off, my IGN is Tego, I'm a level 88 Rogue, going to hit the big leagues soon. I'm a nice ,friendly player, could get a little competetive sometimes. Most of my friends know me as a silly, fun person in the game, but I'm really quiet in real life ( I know right? Hard to believe ). I do not support rude players in game, but will help anyone with quests/bosses. In real life, I am 15, I have a badass dog named Cerberus (German Shepherd ) kinda brownish color. My favorite type of food is SUSHI! And my favorite beverage is coffee. My favorite sport is Soccer (Im like a mini-messi and I like to tear people up :D ) I currently live in California, where the weather is just absurd... And so yeah :).

Introduce Away Sulis!
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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Played since Yule 2012, was a newb all of update 2 in ONshotE, joined Nadeje's Endure on early update 3 which was later renamed to SulisLegends, after that clan collapsed me and a few friends created OT which later joined Genesis lead by Hellrzr.

Level 190 rogue, IGN RobertsRogue. Not a very friendly to other people unless I know them, help my friends out when they need it. Not really interested in helping people that won't help themselves, especially those that think SS is the only skill a rogue needs... Done alot of ksing in sulis usually because of 'political' reasons :lol: I'm also proficient when playing all classes at a high level. I enjoy the challenge of being in a small clan, and also the bonds that are created when you know everyone in your clan well. Irl, I enjoy soccer (Who doesn't?) and going to the cinemas :geek:
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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Lol first time posting on forums. But Hi hello :o! Im insperatus a 175 ranger, also mischief the 160 rogue :> irl my name is Sydney. I like to draw and paint and go to an occasional heavy metal concert. In game im usually helpful and friendly.. And cray for fashion that sparkles.
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Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

My ign name is sang3000 lvl 115 rogue been playing since game came out in 2011* got bored quit and came back and i like hanging with my genesis/origins buds hoping to make more as we merge with jah
MAIN: Sang3000 223+ | ALT: Manifestus 220+ | ALT: SangsDruid 145+
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