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Soldiers of jah recruiting!

The day has come when jah sends out a recruiting thread! We are a kind, multicultural clan who do NOT take things too serious and just love to have fun, we are friendly (like damn, really) and very helpful. Our chief cares about each and every member greatly and never forgets to ask how they are doing. Soldiers of jah is another word for soldiers of heaven... Jah is certainly my little slice of heaven. Its the best clan ive been in since i joined sulis a year ago, so sign up to help jah boss through the landscapes and battle its foes! Have fun with us , we'd love to have you!
The level requirement is 115, 60 for our recruits clan. just mail anyone of our guardians/generals, me or bungle in-game! Or leave a comment right down there :D :) :P
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Re: Soldiers of jah recruiting!

Icem/Death Spell wrote:Do u guys remember me im in Soldiers of Jah its me Icem I lost that account tho dont think I will ever be able to rejoin Soldiers of jah............

Please don’t bring up old posts.

I think I do remember you actually! The name is familiar. We have some level requirements in place, but aside from that, I don’t see why you couldn’t join Jah!
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Alternatively, you can occasionally find me online in Sulis.
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