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Yayo's Shop

Heroic gloves = 110k
Heroic boots = 110k
Dagger of Slaying = 310k
Helm of giant = 175k
Greater sunfire charm of ice shards (160 damage lvl 115) = offer
Ancient Relic dragonstaff (10 camo) x2 = 250k ish till update over then more ;)
Revenant Braclet of Revitalisation (10hp) = offer
Revenant Ring of regeneration (5hp) = offer
Golden shrink charm = 35-40k
Sparkling male pink wig = offer
yellow smugglers coat = offer
Skeleton Servant charm = 6-8k
Fluffy cloud = 6-8k
Minstrel's lute= offer
Ice lord totem = offer
Ice lord Axe = offer
Major wyrmscale braclet = offer
Burial ring of spear mastery = offer
Pale wraith charm = 6-8k
Red smugglers gloves = 3-4k
Greater ring of longshot = offer
Lesser Sunfire ring of health (100 hp) = offer
Lesser braclet of impact (crush 2) = offer
Pink Party hat 2012 = offer
Yuletide hat = offer
Pumpkin hat = offer
Greater bear helm resist slash 150 = offer

Thank you for shopping .. If you need anything or wanna make a offer just leave message here or send me one in game ..
Ty Yayo

Re: Yayo's Shop

Nvm i bought a offhand. But i may look into buy the helm of giants. Currently broke atm but if u still have it by the time i get the cash ill buy it:)
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