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ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:52 am
by Monkeyman
Since togarth left his position as chief, i really fell that assasins is going no where.

Any ideas on how we can boost assasins back up?

Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:12 pm
by Vasili
we will continue to stick with we always do and what makes assassins, assassins. by being the "good guys" as in all ways trying to be honest, fair, just and honorable. living by our code of conduct.
other clans and individuals may be unfair unjust and dishonest. The people of Sulis know they can always turn to assassins to treat them right. its the core of what our clan is about and its why i stick with it. new armor, weapons and items will come and go. our standards will not change. assassins will respect each other and treat each other fairly, help in the time of need. we are a family and our main goal is for our clan to be happy and have fun.
its why players of all clans always seek me out to do transfers for them and help them with things they don't trust anyone else to do. trust and loyalty to friends and clanmates.
we are not perfect we are human we make mistakes but the code demands we make it right if we are wrong and that's the difference. if you can not follow those guidelines you don't belong in assassins.

the fire still burns.

Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:10 am
by XPa the BoxerX
Vas what is happening? Merry early christmas too.

Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:34 am
by Monkeyman
ASSASINS has made it to the most powerful clan in Sulis keep it up guys we cant lose our positions. If we make more chars lvl faster and try our best im positive we will not be put down. Mafiosio is right behind our backs there full of anger and are attacking our members with spams and ksing. I think its getting quite cold near christmas in the UK so that means we have oak wood which is good for fires. It makes our fire burn with brightnes that burns the eyes of anyone thinking of turning to attck us.
Thaimedicure.... I talked with them yesterday, I reported to them that they are ksing. The response was complete silence.
Ledgons is doin fine they have seen to give up ksing. Many noobish clans is Sulis are joining forces with Thaimedicure thats why you may have seen many low lvls in ThaiMedicure.Lobo has grown up and i had a chat with him bout bad talk. He seems to be fine.


Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:27 pm
by revenge
Well, while Assassins has lost some members to other clans, we still have a great core of strong believers. Lately, even Togarth has been seen popping in the game some. We will continue and be a positive force in Sulis.

Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:37 pm
by Raven
I havn't played on Sulis in a long while but I have to say that the Assasins are a great clan! I have had the priveledge of being in several awesome clans on three worlds and this clan is one for them. The clan is all about the people in the clan and I can tell you that there are some great people. This clan more than any otheres seems to help lower level clan members excel! Its what I loved about the assisins! There was always someone there to help!

The Core of this group also has a great deal of integrity!

If you are looking for a clan you can't go wrong with this one!

Oh and Vas, Ro, Tog, ugh I can remember everyone!

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!

Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:25 am
by baraku
Monkeyman yeah if you are gonna to tell for thaimedicare like that its ok. Cause of a lot member of thai also just starter.
By the way for the point is why "Hotheal" whisper us and ask to join thai clan?
I have the point is
1. A long time ago when we noobs as you say. Why "hotheal" scamer us as told us he was an a d m i n. Good friend "Aranon" whom the one of Assasin member can be witness
2. Why "hotheal" try to scammer us again as he told us he was Thai ppl and try to get invite from Thai clan

How ever i know aRogue he is a good friend and honestly and i respect him, Tog we just a little talk together but am know how he's great man from the best friend "hardstyle"
No doubt Assasin was an oldest and most powerful clan in Sulis as Thai was very younger regeneraton.....

Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:12 pm
by revenge
I was not aware that “HotHeals” was claiming to be an Admin. I know him some. He has been in an out of Assassins a few times now. I believe he is just joining all of the clans in Sulis to meet people, I’m not really sure. I power leveled him up 10 levels in an hour, and the next day he left my clan. While he is welcome back, it did disappoint me to a degree.
Your clan may be new, but it seems like it is a good one. It is full of friendly, organized, smart people. I look forward to getting to know you and your people better.

Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:12 pm
by Vasili
Well it looks to me like my beloved assassins has finally been dealt the death blow.
My mighty chieftain Togarth has fallen under the spell of another clan and opened the castle gates.
What's a faithful First Officer to do?
Is it time for Vas to Leave Assassins?
Should he stay and try to hold the floppy remnants together?
Start his own clan?
be a sheep and fallow the exodus?
If he leaves where to go?
Vas has friends in all Major Clans how to chose one?
Go Solo?

Vasili - Longing for the days of friendship, comradery and team work in DC.

Re: ASSASINS bright light is going low......

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 9:18 pm
by Vasili
Wow this was awhile ago.
well an assassins update:
My Main has left ASSASSINS but I maintain a strong loyalty to the clan and will keep my other favorite toons there.
ASSASSINS has some good people that are dedicated to the ideals that are the core of ASSASSINS clan.
Two strong families are keeping the light burning bright; Mae and hubby, Blitz and Boys. Thank you guys!
Still recruiting good people under Mae's guidance.
Mae has been named General Manager of ASSASSINS.
My Boy has renewed interest thanks to people like Mae and Blitz.
We all are looking forward to the update.
X loyalist ASSASSINS are welcome to keep alts in clan.(or even move a Main back)
Due to Togs sleepy tired fingers during the Marshill competition (Go Tog) we may have to change banners, but it will still be the original ASSASSINS.( he transferred chiefs banner to a deleted toon)
Blitz has offered up his banner. might be "ASSASSINS!"
you may see us running around in groups again. The last few days have been fun.

P.S. if you are a new player that wants in ASSASSINS be aware we are super picky and we are not being rude we just get busy and you will have to go through a vetting process or be recommended by a trusted member. it's not about level or $ it's about character, we have high standards.