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Clan Assassins' 2nd Event

Ok Assassins, the time has come for our second clan event! It will be called “Assassins Mentor Sulis”. This all weekend event (September 24, 2011 to September 25, 2011) will involve helping any toon of any clan that is below level 25 with anything they might need, within reason. That’s right; we will quest with them, put protective skills on them, draw Agro for them, and maybe even provide a few basic gear items.

Recruiting will always in the back of our minds while participating in the event, however I do not want to recruit anyone and everyone out there. Just the very friendly, mature (emotionally, any age will do), and seemingly most active. Instead of recruiting them right away, simply add them as friend and tell them you will be there for them to help them out. Please avoid helping out toons that are geared out in Woven Sorcerer’s, Woven Silverleaf, Hammered RedClaw, etc as they will most likely not need much of our help.

We can spread out across the maps, but I would like us to stay out of the Catacombs. Please spend the weekend outside, working on your tans, inside the Castle dreaming of the new luxury items, or prowling Crookback in search of that elusive Jailor.
All participants will be rewarded in some fashion by our Clan Bank, Credit Union, or my personal stores. If you are one of those who constantly request RedClaw from us, here’s your next chance to go earn it! So let’s put on our sunglasses and have fun this weekend. I’ll be on my Boogie Board down at the Beach if anyone needs me. Rounds of mead will be on me!

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Re: Clan Assassins' 2nd Event

Sounds great, Rí Ruirech of Lirs Reach Togarth the Great

I'll be looking forward to it. could use some beach time sipping a umbrella drink. see you there.
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